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…is a powerful inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to stir up the dreamer within you. Fifteen accomplished authors share their wisdom, experiences and testimonies of pursuing their dreams, inspiration of FAITH and Creating Wealth. This book supplies strategies to help you maximize your full potential and pursue your DREAMS no matter what your life circumstances currently are. This book will activate your hidden treasures and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, destiny and manifestation of your DREAMS! 

DREAMER ON THE RISE is the book for every dreamer on the rise. It will teach how to tap into unlimited possibilities and get back to a place of functioning at the highest domain on Earth, to live out ALL of your God-inspired dreams, even of becoming a millionaire!”


She was so nervous; she had never danced in front of men before and she couldn’t believe that out of all the men in the room, the Deacon was the loudest one! “So much for a man of God” she thought, he’s just like all these other guys.” Here she was, 15 years old, kidnapped and being made to dance, she was raised in church for God’s sake!! Oh well, she thought, “she had better dance because she was too afraid of what would happen if she didn’t.

When did the pain, the secrets and the shame begin, she thought?  She had so many memories of pain she just couldn’t make sense of it all.

Even now, years later, as a successful business woman, memories of her past still linger.

Author Lakina Fulks, gives us an honest look into the life of Trinity: A haunting but heartwarming self-portrait of how fear bred the courage to survive. This is a story of how a young girl’s life turned into a daily task of survival well into adulthood.”


“  My wife brought this book home and I asked her what it was about, she just said “read it yourself.”. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. As a man who is now saved, I saw a lot of my past in this book. Thank God I’ve change. This book is real and raw. I’m going to suggest using it for my youth group at my church.”

Elder Kevin True


When I began reading this book I didn't expect for it to change my life, I can honestly say after I read it, I reevaluated a lot of things about myself. I actually became stronger in a sense of putting myself first, without guilt. We all have a chance to do better and be better people, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Truly inspirational book! D.L. Flowers
D.L. Flowers